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November 16, 2011

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BELOW IS THE REWARDS I CASHED OUT FOR SO FAR Getting paid to watch and rate ads with your friends

November 16, 2011

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Boycott Casey Anthony & anyone profiting off of the death of Caylee

July 10, 2011

I myself have been a busy girl in the past couple of days.   I have been writing every company I could that would even try to interview Casey and vowed to boycott their airings and that I would post anywhere I could and that I have a huge following of people who will Boycott also if they make Casey into some superstar.   She loves attention   she loves that the media wants to get ahold of her,   but we need to boycott anything to do with her  I don’t care how curious our minds are  and I admit I am curious, but  not enough to allow a company to hand over money to this BABY KILLER.   some people wonder why everyone is so upset over this.   it’s because it’s a child  an innocent child that her own family didn’t protect.    I blame Cindy for enabling Casey for all these years.  I blame George for bowing down to Cindy and Casey for all these years    If Casey wanted to adopt the child out then she should have been able to or Cindy should have offered to take legal guardianship over Caylee from the start.    but that is here nor there   Caylee has no second chance at life and I don’t want Casey to have one either.   I think people should make her life a living hell.    If you see her at the grocery store you should make comments to her.   I’m not saying kill her    I’m saying if her ass is out partying at a club people should make her not want to be there in that club and you don’t have to be physical words hurt just enough   I know if I murdered my child  and got away with it  the last thing I would want is to hear people calling me a baby killer or calling me other names.    I wouldn’t stay and have drinks and dance  that’s for sure.     She smiles as if her life is just going to be perfect     actually I think she was safer to go to prison  even if she got the death penalty.   cause you know after waiting for 20 years on death row they would have reversed it like they been doing for a lot of females on death row.   People are crazy in this world   but that’s not what i want  death is an easy way out from a life of hell   I want her to live a life of her seeing pictures of caylee and having people remind her what she did to have her beautiful life.

The best thing you can do is to help the boycott  lets stop the so-called  Bella Vita  Casey so desperately wants.  Lets make her stay in her hiding spot and never come out.     <— help the cause



Pictures from court

July 6, 2011

NOT GUILTY!!! Yeah Right

July 5, 2011

I cant express how upset I am,  I have been following this case from the beginning and all I ever wanted was for Caylee Marie to have a voice.  because throughout all this it seemed like all anyone in caseys family cared about was Casey.    Casey only cared about her damn self  she made me sick to my stomach.   This not guilty verdict has completely destroyed me and I am Angry.   so angry I have my motivation for my parody blog  I have slacked for awhile because I had other things on my mind  but you know what  I cant get Caylee out of my mind.   casey got away with lying stealing and now murder.    she will be at club by Saturday night.   i feel like im a zombie right now so it may take a day or to to get over this shock im feeling.   but I will promise my readers  the old shelly is coming back  I am going to parody Casey so bad  I want her to see that everyone HATES HER  she is scum     she knew her daughter was dead  and she just threw her body in wooded area so that small instects and animals could tear her daughter apart.    Casey Smiled through this trial as if everything was a joke   she must have known the Jury was blind.    nothing we can do about it now    casey got away with murder   but she will pay for what she has done      OJ learned the hard way  cant wait for casey to do the same.

Thank god for motherclucker because without me reading her tweets I am sure i would have just deleted this blog and walked away  reading her last tweets since the verdict have brought a motivation in me that i havent seen in awhile  and I never want to leave my wordpress friends  they are awesome      im going to go try to calm down because I have been on edge since the verdict    but I will be back and when I do  be fair warned  I AM NOT GOING TO HOLD BACK


Not looking forward to hearing Lee Anthony’s testimony

June 1, 2011

I know most people want to hear what he has to say  but he bugs me more then anyone,  have you seen his depo  have you watched the hidden tapes between him and Tony Lazzaro  all he ever does is laugh  it bugs me when someone can talk about a missing child or a death of a child and can laugh through all the questioning.   I just want to grab him shake him and say  are you seriously laughing right now!!!!!!!!!     wtf is wrong with you you idiot    I love my neices and nephews with all my heart if my Sister told me my neice was missing or i found out later that my neice was killed     i wouldnt be able to laugh at all through any of it   i cant even put in my head and really think it could happen.  i want to hear the truth from him  but you watch  he will be chuckling through his whole questioning    i wish i knew why he would do it  unless its a nervous laugh   which i hope it is cause being able to laugh and chuckle while talking about a child being kidnapped or killed is just sick to me

I think Casey is screwed

May 31, 2011

After that heart wrenching 911 tape was played  i literally balled my eyes out  thats when it got real again for me    i have been through up’s and down’s in this case where i have been mad sad angry and aggitated.  but today  i know damn well the Jury had to have had some emotion when they watched Cindy and how Casey just sits there like  Whatever  let me try to shed a tear like i give a shit    god forbid Casey your supposed to be trying to save your own life from the death penelty   your making it easy for this Jury to turn against you and another thing  who in america is going to want Baez as there defense attorney after this case is done in over with.   he should just train to become a Bailiff   he’s at the sidebar enough


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