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Scam Alert: Kid Finders and The anthonys are charging people for free software

May 10, 2009

I need all of you to help. Please go to this site:

and report these websites for false advertising:

They are falsely advertising FREE software. When you click on the ad, you get charged $9.95 for what they call a “download fee”. There is no such thing as a downloading fee.

go to this link here and read the email Exchange between the poster and Kid finders director its ridiculous how they are explaining there reasons for charging.

I dont know how they are allowed to get away with this and if its non profit how is Cindy and George Paying there bills they both dont have jobs.

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  1. stephanie permalink
    May 10, 2009 6:24 am

    Sent complaint…Thank you Shelly

  2. May 10, 2009 7:34 am

    Thank you Shelly for the links. Lets try and look at this as objectively as possible. I guess anyone can start a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation right! Well you would think you could but being honest people we would have to provide a service and ask for donations. Each of us might or could think of a service to provide. Educating someone could be a service I guess or at least it seems like it is as there are many foundations out there doing just that. Finding someone who is lost or missing would be more visible and have definite results that we could all see. In either case, you have to really do something not just talk about it.

    Does holding a meeting and selling shirts and ball caps justify the educational part of a foundation? Maybe yes and maybe no as if you also claim you do other things it should be clear that you really do them. I don’t know if various states have a check and balance for this but I would think walking the line so to speak would be dangerous for those involved in scamming others.

    When I look up foundations they seem to be everywhere and for every purpose and I wonder if the laws are to liberal allowing people to form them at a whim. It seems that some people have found a way to work them to make a living yet provide a useless service in return. So where are the “foundation police”? Do they really exist? I think Shelly is on the right track with the complaint links above. Go there and fill it out as it will get attention. We also need to look for other places to complain and let them be known here and everywhere, stay on it and don’t let up.

    As far as the Anthony’s and Milstead, we all know their purpose is to just make money and provide a non existent service. If you look at their websites you can see that they can’t possibly provide the services they claim. This, to me is false advertising and deceptive which should be a violation of the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation rules. My guess is that their lawyers have set this up, (Brad, now another crook?) and crossed every “T” and dotted every “I” in their paperwork. I am also guessing that the lawyers have not looked at what is said on the websites or they would have it changed.

    The websites are a good source of their income, it is one area where they can screw up bad and break the rules. So please, please go to the links above and file a complaint. Go to any news website as well as the TV stations sites and complain about them being on shows. It can’t hurt and may help to bring them down, do it today.

    Next we need to get the laws changed to get rid of crooks using this means to make a living. If nothing else please e-mail Kathi Belich at WFTV news and voice your complaint. They have provided many good stories exposing the bad guys. Here is her e-mail address.

  3. May 10, 2009 8:21 am

    I am so sick of people trying to make money off of other people. This has got to stop. If they tell someone it’s FREE, it should be FREE with no traps. They could make a ton of money, having people pay $9.95.
    Thank-You for the info.

  4. May 10, 2009 10:23 am

    CayleeFoundation/Kidfinders infomercial – some infomercials do that too.

  5. May 10, 2009 10:37 am

    thanks everyone, I dont know how they can say there is a download fee that part is bothering me because they can file the cable bill on there taxes and even internet companies are not charging you for every download you do so the charge they are talking about is bogus. this is just proof that Cindy and George are out to get money off of caylee’s name almost seems like they ay have been in on the murder so they could quit there jobs. now im not saying they murdered caylee nothing I say is proven fact I’m just saying it almost seems like it the way they are going about this.

  6. prevost1580 permalink
    May 10, 2009 11:01 am

    Make sure that you all,email Larry King (CNN.COM ) too and ask them not to give airtime to liars who are guilty of tampering with evidence & obstruction. We the people need to tell the useless media not to make celebrities out of criminals like muffin head & Georgette.

  7. Sophie permalink
    May 10, 2009 11:08 am

    Do the Anthony’s get paid from advertising for every hit on their site? I don’t even want to look at the site if it’s going to give them so much as one red cent if I do so.

    Not sure how these things work, being a late bloomer in the tech world.

  8. Lisa, mom of twins permalink
    May 10, 2009 11:11 am

    I wrote a letter on Larry King’s site not to have the Scamthony’s on. I also signed this petition:

    thanks Shelly for the links to send our complaints. If you notice on the bottom of their Cayleefoundation website, it says:NON-PROFIT PENDING, so they are profitting all this time. I read somewhere where a non-profit can take months to get approved. Nice of them to be riding the blood money train. They truly disgust me~

  9. ostella permalink
    May 10, 2009 11:55 am

    Well, aint that just “kick-ya-in-the-crotch-FANTASTIC!”

    The good news is they’re obviously REALLY DUMB, so hopefully they’ll get busted quick. And on top of that, they’re a$$holes who assume they’re above the law. Always a winning combination. I’m sure they’ll go far…

    I’m tellin ya, i think the Hopespring house is the hellmouth…I’m really surprised some wingnut hasn’t broken in and killed them all yet, just on principle…or burned the place down or something…

    I myself would love to pin cindy down and forcefeed her shovelfuls of cow manure.

    Georgette needs an atomic wedgie.

    I’d like to shoot the Milsteads out of a cannon and into a giant pool of vomit.

    They’ll all seal their own fate one way or another. No one is invincible, no matter what cindy snarls to the contrary….

  10. maxineme permalink
    May 10, 2009 12:05 pm

    Just when you think they couldnt possibly behave any worse,,,, THEY DO….

  11. prevost1580 permalink
    May 10, 2009 1:10 pm

    Thanks for the petition,Lisa!

    I have signed them all-

    Someone has to stick up for the VICTIM. The G&C show is on the defense’s side,as is the useless media.

  12. J.H. permalink
    May 10, 2009 1:17 pm




  13. MAND permalink
    May 10, 2009 2:11 pm

    Ostella I would love to help you on that one…
    These people are the epitome of seems to have become their full time job to think of ways to make easy money by ripping us off…and Brad Conway is right there with them…not a damm bit better than Dumbo.
    I think you’re right is far to easy to set these scams up and there are so many that it would take a large task force working 24/7 to try and keep up with these scam artist. It has to be lucrative otherwise they would not do it. Think if you sent out a news letter to a 1000 people and ask for $5.00 or more each…you could make $5.000 and they have more than one operating at a time. None of them work so that should tell you something.

    Thanks Shelly..good job.

    Hi to all and Happy Mother’s Day Ladies

  14. Molly permalink
    May 10, 2009 6:06 pm

    Good work Shelly. I read the emails from Mrs. Milstead, very UNprofessional. almost annoyed that they were only trying to collect “a lousy 9.95” since the child ID kit was free! Well, the Klaas foundation, police stations & many other org & foundations give child ID, fingerprinting, & other aids for child protection out for FREE. If that’s the business you’re in, then that is a cost of your business, just like flyers & t-shirts (oops, they charge for those too don’t they). it breaks my heart that some people will pay them for this & infuriates me that they’re saying Ka-ching everytime.
    thanks for those links

  15. bignosycat permalink
    May 11, 2009 1:38 am

    I checked out the Anthony Foundation INTERNET PANHANDLING site and found no service of value. If people donate to this site they are playing poker with their money. The people that donate to the site will become victims by the hands of the Anthony’s. I feel this already when I had compassion for them. I thought they were in denial and would come to terms in some time. But this changed for me when I read Cindy’s FBI interview.

    They provide NO mission statement, no information on who the board of directors are, no managing director, no material that would make it official. Nor a service that will help anyone that has a missing child. I do not know how they can accept donations when they do not have this legal status. They need to fill legal criteria before they get charity status and if what I see is what they have, I doubt they will get it.

  16. Jill from Western Australia permalink
    May 11, 2009 5:06 am

    Can someone in America contact the IRS?

  17. marney permalink
    May 11, 2009 6:44 am

    If a person doesn’t want to pay $9.95 THEN DON”T PAY IT!! To make every little thing a crime is sickening. If they REALLY ARE making money form the death of their grandaughter then they will answer to God for it. To follow this families every single move with nothing but accusations and judgements is rediculous. They lost their grandbaby and now are about to lose their daughter. SO WHAT if they are having a hard time letting go. They are Caseys MOM & DAD there is no way that any reasonable person can expect them to have the same type of hatred for her as most people in society do. They BORE her and RAISED HER and they will always love her. Have a little compassion….have the compassion that you feel Casey lacks which is what what would have made her a murderer, if in fact she did kill her little girl.
    People trying to be “investigators” and “police” and “God” only make you look stupid!

  18. BEES KNEES permalink
    May 11, 2009 12:08 pm

    If you are against the Larry King Live show having the Scamthonys on a second time, don’t bother emailing his show. Find out who the sponsors of his show are and start BOYCOTTING THIER PRODUCTS ~ whatever they are. That is the only way you are going to get any attention. But, after doing that, TRUST ME, you will have their attention!!!

    Forget about ethics. These people don’t have any.

    Forget about honesty. These people are liars.

    THIS IS ALL ABOUT MONEY and that is why we have to start boycotting. I am going to spend time today finding out who exactly sponsors LKL and I’ll be posting it here and on other sites.

  19. May 11, 2009 4:52 pm

    BEES KNEES, I found this on another forum.

    LKL Sponsors
    JK Harris and Company

    AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals


    Monex Precious Metals


    Select Quote

    Wells Fargo (Which has just bought out Wachovia)


    Philips / Norelco email:



    Boston Market

    Liberty Medical

    University of Phoenix




    Zurich Financial Services

    Johnson and Johnson

    US Home Auction


    Exxon Mobil

  20. BEES KNEES permalink
    May 11, 2009 6:28 pm

    prevost I think it is great to contact Larry King’s site but even better would be to start contacting his sponsors.

    So far I have found out that Microsoft is one of his sponsors and we can email them and tell them why we are boycotting the show as well as their product, and see how they like that idea. I really do believe this is the only effective card we can play.

    If you go to this link you’ll find an area at the bottom of your screen where you can send your comments, or feedback.

  21. May 11, 2009 7:33 pm

    Shelly, I’m stuck in your spam filter again with a big list and lots of links.

  22. May 11, 2009 7:43 pm

    Ok John I gotcha lol you where stuck in there with about 20 posts of MFM lmao she needs serious help i think she has mental problems. why would she keep posting here she should know I have her blocked by now or she just prays i will read them which i never will

  23. May 11, 2009 10:48 pm

    Some people are on a mission to disrupt.

  24. May 13, 2009 10:58 am

    Jill: Yes, any citizen can contact IRS to give a tip re tax fraud. They just don’t like when one of their employees call in a tip. I am familiar with this because my husband worked for IRS in Washington, DC for several years.

  25. May 19, 2009 9:23 am

    I hope everyone here will complain about the Anthony’s starting this fundation and send a complaint as well about Kid Finder’s. Both a scam !! Knowing the type people they are it would not surprise me if they place Caylee’s personal things on eBay and auction them off to the highest bider !! MONEY MONEY MONEY—

  26. Kayleigh permalink
    May 24, 2009 12:02 pm

    Sent a complaint…funny how their website is promoting “saftey in a flash” and selling it for 50.00 when all it is is a USB flash drive that you could buy for 10 bucks at best buy!

  27. June 4, 2009 3:32 pm

    I got an email from Cindy about a week ago and in her email she stated her and George have not quit their jobs that they were still working, I my self do not believe this.

  28. June 4, 2009 4:26 pm

    I dont eather they lie just as much as casey I will never beleve a word that comes out of that families mouth

  29. irishbard permalink
    July 10, 2009 9:46 am

    that’s OK. this scam along with the rest of the “questionable acts” of the mistead name in the WPB area have been called in to the Fla Atty General’s FRAUD DIVISION. a form is coming to put all my info on theses artists,thanks to some great people here online and myself. THIS ITEM will just be ‘added to the mix’.

  30. November 17, 2009 10:12 am

    thanks for this post. It helped me a lot. Btw How you get ideas for such posts. sorry if it’s out of topic.

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